Vansky LED Rope Lights
  • Multi-Purpose --The LED Rope Lights can be used in both indoors and outdoors for anything, such as, camping, backpacking, picnics, night cooking, garage projects, handy-man, backyard, patio and so on. And it can be used as tent light, backpacking light, USB TV computer backlight, closet lighting, night riding, safety light, emergency light, umbrella lighting, etc.
  • Lantern Mode -- Turn your light rope into a lantern with the included rip-stop nylon lantern bag designed to diffuse light and allow for easy carrying and hanging. Besides, you can use the rip-stop nylon bag as a storage bag to store your led string rope light, accessories, and battery pack when not in use.
  • Light Rope Mode -- With 3 universal noodle ties, 3 magnet, it is easy to hang wherever you need it! Take the led string light out of it's bag and unwrap it, strap it, magnet it, or loop it to whatever you have handy! The ties can be used to attach the led string to tent poles, branches or any stick like objects available to create the perfect ambient lighting. Additionally with the built-in magnets, you can stick it to the side of your car or picnic table and light up your night time activities.
  • Safety For You And Your Love Ones -- Drape the LED light strip around you or your kids while you take a walk at night, keep it in the glove box as an emergency safety tool in case your car breaks down after the sun sets, or wear it as you ride your bike around town.
  • What You Get -- Built-in 45 PCs LED Highlighting-Brightness 3528 Lamp Beads, Brighter & Softer. Warm White 6000-6500K Color Temperature. The rope light Includes waterproof USB LED rope light, 3 yellow universal noodle ties, embedded and sliding magnets, and a rip-stop nylon carry led bag designed to diffuse light and double as a tent lamp, hiking lamp or LED lantern. 
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