Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • ☀️2017 Upgraded Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers-- Select the time you want to wake up. Lights up 30 minutes before your alarm time, gradually brighten from 1% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of a deep sleep. Select a sunset time of 15, 30, or 60 minutes before your sleep time, and the brightness of the light will dim gradually from its current intensity. Finally, it will turn off at sleep time.
  • ☀️ Sunrise Alarm Clock for Bedrooms-- Updated Sound quality and Brightness. The Wake Up Light adds new Sunset and Snooze Function. Press the “SNOOZE” button when the alarm sound is playing and you can get extra five minutes of sleep. The wake up sound will play again after 5 minutes and last 2 minutes.
  • ☀️ 6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio -- 6 natural sounds such as piano, violin, bagpipe, waves, birds and “DiDi”, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of the nature. Besides, you can set your favorite FM Radio Channel as the alarm sound.
  • ☀️ 7 Colors & 11 Brightness -- Different from normal alarm clock, the sunrise alarm clock can act as an atmosphere lamp by selecting 7 colors (Warm White,Green,Red,Blue,Purple,Orange,indigo), or work as a table lamp with 11 brightness settings in warm light mode to protecting your eyes from hurting.
  • ☀️ Charging Methods -- This wake up light sunrise alarm clock can powered by USB charge/Power adapter(Included) and AAA batteries (Not included, only backup for time and FM radio). 12/24 hour format led display. 45 Days Money Back. One Year Guarantee.
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