Vansky® Ankle Support Wraps
  • Vansky ankle support consists of breathable neoprene material that wicks out moisture. The material is also smooth and does not irritate the skin. if used regularly, it can lower the risk of injury and speed up recovery of existing acute or chronic foot problems.
  • Crisscross straps provide firm and even support to weak, sore, or injured ankles.
  • The Vansky breathable ankle support has an open heel design with contours that accommodate a range of motions. If you injured or weak ankle, you can use its crisscross supports to evenly distribute pressure around the foot, lowering the risk of worsening your injuries.
  • Adjustable design fits all and both feet. One size fits both feet and up to 11'' in feet arch circumference.
  • Please contact us if there is any problems about Vansky products, we offer Hassle Free Replacement or Full-refund within 12 MONTHS.
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