Vansky® Car Mount
US/CA UPC:0703546687642
EU UPC:0703546687642
  • CONVENIENT: Hands-free combined Smartphone car mount and charger in one. Ensures that you can drive safely without fearing accidents or fines. The goose neck is highly customizable and flexible to turn 360 degrees , simply turn it any way you want.
  • FUNCTIONAL: The high-quality, soft, non-slip surface keeps your phone tightly locked in... Without leaving a scratch on it. At the same time It charges your phone while you use it
  • ADJUSTABLE: Holding length from 115.5 mm to 167.6 mm and width from 44-85 mm adjustable to almost any size Smartphone
  • RELIABLE: Equipped with the technology to protect against short circuiting as well as over current and over voltage - It provides maximum reliability without compromising charging ability or taking up unnecessary space
  • WHAT YOU GET: Vansky® Smartphone Car Holder with Dual USB 2.1A Charger, 45 Days Money Back and one year guarantee and friendly, easy-to-reach support.
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